Bulldozer vs Wheel Loader

Some people may not know about the difference between Bulldozers and Wheel Loaders. The difference of those machines is whether they move by caterpillar or wheels, and also a bulldozer has a blade, while a wheel loader is equipped with a bucket.
Those machines are used for different purposes. The wheel loader is a vehicle for scooping and transporting earth and sand, the bulldozer is a vehicle that flattens the ground. It is easy to distinguish them because the wheel loader and shovel loader do not have a track.


The bulldozer is a heavy machine featuring a large car body and a large blade attached in front, and also they do not have tires but wearing caterpillars installed.
The blade can also pull in front as well as push forward.
There are various blades besides this standard one in the above photo.
There is also different type which is equipped with a big nail called "ripper" behind the large bulldozer so that they can crush big stones and rocks.
There is also a military bulldozer in the world and they are used to destroy barricades of enemy areas as well as a shield to protect infantry from bullets.

Currently, major manufacturer of bulldozers are KOMATSU and CAT and these two companies dominated the share of the world's bulldozers.

Wheel Loader

The standard specification comes with a bucket, but the wheel loader is not capable for digging and it is difficult to travel on uneven ground, soft road surface and steep slope. The wheel loader is classified as a vehicle construction machine (leveling, excavation, etc.). There are several attachments and various usage can be made depending on them. The application of the wheel loader is basically to dump earth and sand by lifting a bucket and load it into the dump truck. In addition, in areas with snow accumulation, they are often used as snow removal vehicles.

The wheel is a four-wheel drive. The steering is a center folding type in which the vehicle body between the front wheel and the rear wheel is bent, and since the front wheel and the rear wheel are together, the inner ring difference and the outer ring difference do not occur. The steering is hydraulically driven, and the steering angle of the steering wheel does not necessarily coincide with the actual steering angle of the rudder.

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