Low-Bed Trailer

As the name suggests, low-bed trailers are models that have a lower profile compared to other units facilitated by a drop deck design. This lower profile makes it possible to haul oversized items or equipment that exceeds normal height restrictions. Low bed trailers are particularly helpful when it comes to transporting extremely heavy loads that would risk unbalancing other trailers and both removable gooseneck trailers, as well as mechanical and hydraulic units, offer superior stability no matter your payload.


There are multiple benefits to hauling with lowboy trailers, two of which include:


Lowboys are designed to have a lower centre of gravity, which in turns grants better stability compared to other styles of trailers. Combined with a wider cargo plane, you can count on low beds to keep your products safe during transport.


In addition to enhanced stability, low bed trailers are popular due to their versatile and adaptable Design. Created to handle the heaviest loads with ease, lowboys are well equipped to take on oversized equipment and stock without compromising safety standards or putting either driver or cargo at risk. The low profile of these trailers makes it easy to stay compliant with height regulations and to transport resources from site to site with minimal difficulties.

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