Different Types of Plant Machinery

1. 180 Degree Backhoe Loader

A backhoe loader features powerful hydraulics to provide exceptional digging, trenching, back-filling and material-handling functions. Their versatile and robust build means that they are utilised throughout the construction industry for digging foundations.

2. 360 Degree Excavator

An excavator, sometimes known as a digger or mechanical shovel, is a huge piece of heavy construction equipment. Its versatility means that it is a very common piece of equipment and is used for everything from trenching, material handling and digging foundations to forestry, landscaping, mining and even river dredging.

Others include:

  1. Loading Shovel
  2. Overhead Gantry Crane
  3. Lorry Loader
  4. Forward tipping Dumper
  5. Ride on Road Roller