Advantages of Using Side Tippers for Your Hauling

If you're ready to invest in a new truck for your company or are ready to hire a logistics company, you may want to consider the advantages of a side tipper. This is a type of open bed truck that empties by tipping the side of the truck, rather than a standard dump truck which empties from front to back.

Side tippers are often used in the mining industries to haul gold, coal, and other raw materials but are also used in road construction and similar applications. Consider some advantages of using or hiring side tippers for your logistics needs.

A standard dump truck blocks the view of the driver while it's being emptied because of how the bed raises. This can be hazardous as the driver doesn't know when and how to control the load being emptied and must rely on communication from someone on the ground.

However, with a side tipper the driver can see both the cargo and the space where it's being emptied and can have better control over the load, without relying on a second operator to direct him or her. This increases safety and allows for a more precise filling.

When you use a standard dump truck the load is emptied in a large pile and it often then needs to be leveled manually. A side tipper allows for a more even load during emptying. This makes them a perfect choice for use in construction and other industries where large trenches may need to be filled. There is less manual labor needed and less chance of the load overflowing its trench when emptied from a side tipper.

In a standard dump truck, the materials sitting at the front of the bed of the truck need to travel the entire length of that bed before being emptied. High impact materials such as heavy stone can then become a hazard during emptying.

A side tipper keeps these materials much safer as they travel less distance during emptying. There is less chance of these materials shattering during unloading and less risk of them bouncing because of picking up speed during unloading.

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